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Nano Letters 4, 1241 – 1245 (2004). (PDF)
Reported by Materials Today, Micro / Nano, and many online publishers.

43. “Detection of NO2 down to ppb levels using individual and multiple In2O3 nanowire devices”,
D. Zhang, Z. Liu, C. Li, T. Tang, X. Liu, S. Han, B. Lei, and C. Zhou,
Nano Letters 4, 1919 – 1923 (2004). (PDF)

42. “Charge storage behavior of nanowire transistors functionalized with bis(terpyridine) – Fe(II) molecules: Dependence on molecular structure”,
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41. “Data Storage Studies on Nanowires with Self-Assembled Porphyrin Molecules”,
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40. “Multi-Level Molecular Memories”,
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Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 1949 – 1951 (2004). (PDF)
Reported by the American Institute of Physics, Physics Today, MRS Bulletin, Technology Research News and Materials Today.

39. “Nanowire transistors with ferroelectric gate dielectrics: enhanced performance and memory effects”,
B. Lei, C. Li, D. Zhang, Q. F. Zhou, K. K. Shung, and C. Zhou,
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36. “Photoconduction Studies on GaN Nanowire Transistors Under UV and Polarized UV Illumination”,
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Chemical Physics Letters 389, 176 – 180 (2004). (PDF)