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[1] “Nanotube molecular wires as chemical sensors”
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[5] “Detection of NO2 down to ppb levels using individual and multiple In2O3 nanowire devices”
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[9] “Continuous, Highly Flexible, and Transparent Graphene Films by Chemical Vapor Deposition for Organic Photovoltaics”
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[10] “Laser ablation synthesis and electron transport studies of tin oxide nanowires”
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[11] “Fabrication of fully transparent nanowire transistors for transparent and flexible electronics”
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[12] “Diameter-controlled growth of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires and their electronic properties”
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[13] “The Race To Replace Tin-Doped Indium Oxide: Which Material Will Win?”
Kumar, A; Zhou, CW.
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[14] “Preparation and Characterization of Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitors Based on Transition-Metal-Oxide Nanowire/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Thin-Film Electrodes”
Chen, PC; Shen, GZ; Shi, Y; Chen, HT; Zhou, CW.
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[15] “Complementary detection of prostate-specific antigen using ln(2)O(3) nanowires and carbon nanotubes”
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[16] “Hierarchical Three-Dimensional ZnCo2O4 Nanowire Arrays/Carbon Cloth Anodes for a Novel Class of High-Performance Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries”
Liu, Bin; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Xianfu; Chen, Gui; Chen, Di; Zhou, Chongwu; Shen, Guozhen.
Nano Letters 2012, 12, 6, 3005-3011. Times Cited: 346 Times Cited: 254

[17] “Synthesis and preliminary testing of molecular wires and devices”
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[19] “Controlled chemical routes to nanotube architectures, physics, and devices”
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[21] “Porous Doped Silicon Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery Anode with Long Cycle Life”
Ge, Mingyuan; Rong, Jiepeng; Fang, Xin; Zhou, Chongwu.
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[22] “Wafer-Scale Fabrication of Separated Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors for Display Applications”
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[23] “Chirality-controlled synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes using vapour-phase epitaxy”
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[24] “Large-scale complementary macroelectronics using hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes and IGZO thin-film transistors”
Chen, Haitian; Cao, Yu; Zhang, Jialu; Zhou, Chongwu.
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[25] “Black Arsenic-Phosphorus: Layered Anisotropic Infrared Semiconductors with Highly Tunable Compositions and Properties”
Liu, B. L.; Kopf, M.; Abbas, A. N.; Wang, X. M.; Guo, Q. S.; Jia, Y. C.; Xia, F. N.; Weihrich, R.; Bachhuber, F.; Pielnhofer, F.; Wang, H.; Dhall, R.; Cronin, S. B.; Ge, M. Y.; Fang, X.; Nilges, T.; Zhou, C. W.
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