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Professor Chongwu Zhou        Email: chongwuz@usc.edu

Dr. Chongwu Zhou is a full professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC). He previously held positions of Jack Munushian Associate Professor (2006 - 2011) and Assistant Professor (2000 - 2006) at USC. He received Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1993, received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Yale University in 1999, and worked as a postdoc at Stanford University from 1998 to 2000.

Dr. Zhou has authored 189 journal publications with 20,420 citations and an h-index of 63, including multiple papers published in Science, Nature, and Nature sub-journals. His research interest covers carbon nanotubes, two-dimensional materials, energy nanotechnology such as lithium and sodium ion batteries, and bionanotechnology. He is an Associate Editor for Nanotechnology and IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, and serves as an Editorial Advisory Board member for ACS Nano and Nano Research. He has received many awards, including the NSF CAREER Award (2002), the NASA TGIR Award (2002), the USC Junior Faculty Research Award (2004), and the first IEEE Nanotechnology Early Career Award (2007). 


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Research Professors, postdocs, and visiting scholars


Dr. Chien-Yie-Tsay                   Visiting Scholar                   Email: cytsay@mail.fcu.edu.tw


Graduate Students


Anyi Zhang                                  Email: zhanganyi88@gmail.com

Chenfei Shen                             Email: chenfeis@usc.edu

Fanqi Wu                                     Email: fanqiwu@usc.edu

Liang Chen                                 Email: chen83@usc.edu

Qingzhou Liu                                 Email: liuqingzhou88@gmail.com


Sen Cong                                    Email: sencong@usc.edu



Xuan Cao                                    Email:caoxuan1234@gmail.com


Yihang Liu                                  Email: yihangl@usc.edu



Yu Cao                                        Email: 0504caoyu@gmail.com


Yuqiang Ma                              Email: mayuqiang1991@gmail.com


Zhen Li                                    Email: zhenli768@gmail.com


Chi Xu                                      Email: chixu@usc.edu


Leiming Cai                              Email: leimingc@usc.edu


Xiao Nie                              Email: xiaonie@usc.edu




visiting students

Tianchi Chen                              Email:chen-tc12@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn